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    Cannabis Consumption Methods Explained

    One of the wonderful things about cannabis is all the associated choices. As a consumer, we are spoiled with all the cannabis options available. Would you like to inhale; whether by combustion or vapour, consume edibles, capsules, or a beverage, OR go the sublingual route and use an oil or spray? Just like I said, there are MANY options to pick from when deciding how you would like to experience THC dominant or CBD dominant products.

    However, having so many options available (and with new products appearing at The Hunny Pot weekly) it can be overwhelming, or quite confusing for those who are new to cannabis. In order to assist, we have put together a quick list that outlines the main differences between the different methods of cannabis consumption. We want to help you navigate the world of cannabis and help find the best product that suits you!


    This is a form of inhalation and includes anything that uses fire, like smoking a joint, using a bong, pipe, or other cannabis accessories you must light to use. Cannabinoids and terpenes are heated to high levels which may decrease their effects.

    Onset: Instant - 15 minutes

    Effects: 2-4 hours


    Similar to combustion, but believed to be the healthier alternative because of the heating process, vaporizing is still a form of inhalation. Vaporizing allows for the release of active components without burning the plant matter.

    Onset: Instant - 15 minutes

    Effects: 2-4 hours


    Ingesting cannabis includes eating edibles, consuming capsules, or drinking infused beverages and typically creates more of a somatic effect opposed to a cerebral effect.

    Onset: 30 minutes - 3 hours

    Effects: 8+ hours


    This includes using tinctures, oils, and sprays under your tongue and diffuses directly into your bloodstream.

    Onset: 15 minutes - 2 hours

    Effects: 2-6 hours

    Onset and effects for each method of cannabis consumption will vary by individual and may be based on many personal factors, including genetics, physical health, mental health history, age, personality traits and sex. This guide is intended to be used as a general reference only. At The Hunny Pot, we always encourage consumers to start low and go slow.